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Do not watch this 3 minute video in mobile, you can go straight to jail

New Delhi. Smartphone users have to take special care of many things. If you also use mobile phone, then some videos should not be seen even by mistake. Doing this can cause you a lot of damage. Even watching these videos comes under the category of legal crime. Before you think about it, let us tell about it-

Offensive video-

You should not watch any objectionable video in mobile phone. Doing so also comes under the category of legal offence. That’s why it is very important that you do not share such videos and even if they come from anywhere, do not make the mistake of watching them even by mistake. In these videos, all such videos come which are included in the category of dividing the society. Also targets a particular religion.

porn video-

Searching or watching any pornographic video related to children also comes under the category of crime. That’s why you should not search such content even by mistake. At the same time, you should not even look at it. There are many such videos available online. But you should think before watching or sharing these content or videos. Doing so can land you behind bars.

Ban video-

Government of India has banned many videos. It also includes videos related to the integrity of the country. If you also make the mistake of watching such a video, then you may have to go to jail. That’s why you should delete such videos from your smartphone today itself. Many people download such videos in their smartphones and watch them later, but you should not make this mistake even by mistake. That’s why you should delete such videos today itself.

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