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Do you use Credit Card? If yes then definitely know these rules

Credit Card Online Shopping : Since the trend of online shopping has started in the country, since then the use of credit cards has increased a lot. Let us tell you that nowadays many banks have started giving credit cards for free. Some people get credit cards made with little information. Also use it. But when the bill arrives, the bank levies such charges on the credit card, which you are not told about earlier. If you have a credit card then you must read this news.

Pay bills on time
The bank sends a bill every month to the credit card user. The bank also gives you 10 to 15 days to pay the bill. If you make payment after the last date, then the bank charges you a late fee. Almost all banks have a late fee of Rs 500. To avoid this fee, you pay on time.

definitely understand this
If you pay the minimum amount on your credit card, then the bank charges you heavy charges on the remaining amount. By paying the minimum, you are saved from late fees, but interest is charged on the amount due. So always make full payment.

exceeding the limit
The bank charges you for spending more than the credit card limit (1 lakh, 2 lakh). These charges also differ in all banks. What is the limit balance on your card or not? Apart from this, you can set the limit in the bank’s application.

You can take EMI
You can take any item on EMI with credit card. By making EMI on credit card, you incur two types of loss. You will be charged processing fee in addition to interest. The second disadvantage is the reward points. You do not get reward points on making EMI.

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