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Don’t be confused about warranty and guarantee while buying a new phone! Learn what is the difference between the two

New Delhi. If you are buying a new smartphone, do you know the difference between warranty and guarantee? Usually one or two years warranty is offered on each product. Actually, it is necessary for any smartphone to have warranty and guarantee. It increases the trust towards any product. When you buy a new smartphone, you must have been offered a warranty or guarantee.

Till a few years ago, a guarantee was given with the product. But at present, there are only a few such products in which the guarantee is given. While most of the companies have started giving warranty instead of guarantee. In fact, if there is a guarantee on any of your purchased products, then if your product is damaged, it cannot be repaired again, then the company offers a new product to the customer in its place.

The exact opposite of a guarantee is in a warranty. If a product you purchased is damaged, it will be repaired and returned to you.

Some Basics of Warranty and Guarantee

  • After the guarantee or warranty expires, the company’s obligation to repair any product or to replace it with a new product ends.
  • The warranty is for a fixed period of one or two years. But the warranty can be extended for more days by paying more. But the guarantee cannot be extended.
  • It is generally seen that the products on which the guarantee is given, the customers buy more of those products. In such a situation, if you are going to buy a new smartphone, then definitely check whether the warranty is being given with the phone or the guarantee.

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