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DTC Bus: Debt-ridden DTC ready to go into private hands, see what is the reason

Delhi Government: DTC buses of Delhi Transport Corporation are called life lines in the capital of the country. Let us tell you that the Kejriwal government of Delhi is preparing to hand over the operation of DTC buses to private hands. The Delhi Government has constituted a committee under the supervision of the Transport Commissioner. This committee is preparing a report on handing over the responsibility from operation to maintenance to private operators on the lines of cluster buses.

Work will be done on Cluster Models and Operations
This committee will work on the cluster model and operation of these buses. The Delhi government has entrusted the responsibility of operating 152 electric buses in DTC to private operators. This is being considered a trial to hand over the entire fleet of DTC operations to private hands.

Two Models of Operation 
It is known that a total of 7200 buses operating in the public transport sector in Delhi have two models. There are 3812 buses in which from the driver to the operator are all under the supervision of the government. In the same second cluster model, from the purchase of buses to operation, maintenance is being entrusted to the private sector. In Delhi, this responsibility has been entrusted to a company named Dimts.

such will work 
Other buses included in the DTC fleet are going to be handed over to private hands on the lines of cluster model. A meeting is going on through DTC Workers Unity Center regarding this decision of Delhi Transport Corporation. The same workers say that a warning will be issued to the DTC management and Delhi government in this regard.

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