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Electricity bill will not come much even if AC is running day and night! Start these 5 things from today itself

Summer is here and the temperature is rising. The mercury has started rising above 45 degrees in many cities including Delhi-NCR. People are scorching in the heat outside. As the temperature rises, so does the electricity bill. People use AC in the house to avoid the heat. You can use AC but the electricity bill comes so much that the pocket becomes completely loose. In such a situation, we are telling you 10 such things through which you can reduce the AC bill in summer.

Normal Temperature:
If you feel that setting the AC temperature to the minimum AC cools the room faster. but it’s not like that. According to a report, a temperature of 24 degrees is right for a person. That’s why keep the temperature of your AC at 24 degrees. Due to this there will be no load on the machine and the electricity bill will also come down.

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Regular AC Servicing:

Maintenance of AC is very important. Its regular servicing will have to be done. Many people do not get AC servicing done to save money and later their AC starts deteriorating gradually.

Cleaning the AC filter:
AC servicing can be done once or twice in a season, cleaning of AC filters should be done every month or at some intervals. Too much dirt accumulates in them and then the AC filters get clogged or do not work properly. This makes it very difficult for the machine to cool the room. This consumes more electricity. That’s why the filter of your AC should be cleaned regularly.

Keep windows and doors closed:
To improve the performance of your AC, you have to close the windows and doors. This cools the room quickly and the machine doesn’t get stressed too much. This consumes less electricity and the bill also comes down.

Explore AC Mode:
There are several modes provided on your AC unit. Many advanced ACs offer different modes like 80 percent, 60 percent or 25 percent efficiency. They consume less electricity. Using them can prove to be a better option to reduce the electricity bill.

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