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Elon Musk had to face embarrassment, angry Twitter users said – such an act for $ 8?

New Delhi. The Twitter Blue subscription service is being promoted vigorously by Elon. Elon Musk believes that by giving $ 8 for Blue Tick, Twitter will emerge as a more reliable social media platform than before. Along with this, fake accounts will be weeded out from Twitter. But Elon Musk had to face embarrassment when, contrary to his statements and claims, about 15 fake accounts were verified by the Twitter platform.

Users are raising questions on Elon Musk’s claims
In such a situation, users are raising the question that how long will Elon Musk do such a thing for $ 8? Twitter users are upset with Elon Musk’s decision to take 8 dollars against this incident. Actually it is believed that the Twitter account with blue tick is real, which can be trusted blindly. Let us tell you that the plan to get blue tick by paying $ 8 has been started by Twitter in many countries including America, where the incident of verifying fake account took place. In such a situation, will anyone be able to get their fake account verified by paying $ 8.

Donald Trump’s fake account verified
Twitter users were forced to think when the verified Twitter account of former US President Donald Trump started appearing. Whereas Donald Trump’s account was banned by Twitter. It was reasonable that it was a fake account of Donald Trump. In such a situation, users are questioning the credibility of Twitter that when the fake account of a popular person like Donald Trump can be verified, then common fake Twitter accounts will be able to verify themselves easily. Let us tell you that later the fake Twitter account of Donald Trump was suspended. However, according to the report, fake accounts like gaming character Super Mario are still being verified.



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