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Even after searching, you will not find so many features in E-Scooter, the price is also the lowest, you will be shocked to hear the range

New Delhi. The electric vehicle market in India is growing rapidly. Especially the market of electric scooters is booming. Although some people hold back in taking them only because of their price and range, but now coming electric scooters are fulfilling these shortcomings as well. Three such electric scooters are present in the market whose features and range are unmatched.

The range of these e-scooters is also very good and they are also very low in price. His performance is also very strong, due to which people are now liking him a lot. Let us tell you the complete details about the features and range of these three scooters.

Simple One: Simple One is fast becoming popular. Although there are different opinions about the range of this scooter, but according to the claim, it can reach 250 km in a single charge. Gives a range of up to. The top speed of the scooter is also 100 km. Goes up to per hour. The scooter is offered with four color options and two variants Standard and Xtra. The scooter gets 1.6 kWh battery backup with 4.8 kWh. The standard variant of this scooter, which comes with disc brake at the front and rear, costs Rs 1.10 lakh and the extra costs Rs 1.44 lakh.

Komaki LY Pro: The range of this scooter that comes with dual battery is 180 km. Key’s. Both the batteries take about 5 hours to charge. Scooter 62 kms. Can be run at top speed of per hour. The scooter has been given anti skid technology which makes it quite safe. It has 12 inch tubeless tyres. Features like TFT display, onboard navigation, sound system, Bluetooth, calling option, three driving modes have been given in the scooter. Talking about the price, it is available for Rs 1.37 lakh.

Okinawa OKHI-90: Battery maker Okinawa has created a stir with its scooters as it enters the electric vehicle market. Now the company’s Okhi 90 scooter is becoming popular. This is 160 km in single charge. gives a range of . The top speed of the scooter is 90 km. per hour. ABS has been given in the scooter. It has a 3.6 kWh power battery which gets fully charged in five hours. The scooter gets a digital speedometer along with battery vault information. Talking about its price, it is available for Rs 1.86 lakh.

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