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Facebook and Instagram keep an eye on you? Know what is the whole truth

New Delhi. Social media has become a part of life these days. Because as soon as you wake up in the morning, you first use Facebook or Instagram in the phone. With the advent of social media, technology is always in the dock. Data leakage has become a big problem from here. Recently a report came out in which it was claimed that apps like Instagram and Facebook are also leaking many personal information of users.

An engineer named Felix Krause recently revealed that Instagram and Facebook have an in-app browser that monitors every private information. Also this information is used later. When he disclosed this through one of his posts on August 10, a debate broke out on this In-App Browser. Users also sought answers from Instagram and Facebook regarding this.

Now because the question comes like this every time. So this time also Meta clarified on this, but they made it clear about the codes that they are found in their apps. But he also told that for this permission is also sought from the users first. To get any information, first permission is asked from the user. Only after getting the permission, the data of his clicks and all other information is obtained.

Now the question is, why is Meta doing this?

There can be many reasons behind this, but one of the main reasons is that data is the main source of Meta’s business model. That is, the company makes further things available for the users on the same basis. However, the dispute is also about third party websites. Experts say that not only Meta is doing this. Everyone is doing this whether it is Apple or Google. Everyone has their own browser to get their information.




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