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Facebook users should be careful, never make such mistakes or else there will be loss of millions

New Delhi. Facebook If you use it, then definitely read this article of ours because it may happen that knowingly or unknowingly you make such a mistake on Facebook, due to which you will have to repent later. In today’s modern world, most people have a phone. Most of these people use Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

On this platform, people create their account i.e. profile, add friends to it and spread their social media network as much as possible. Through Facebook, you can also connect with a person living in any corner of the world very easily.

This is a platform through which anyone can connect with you. The person involved can be your acquaintance or unknown. In such a situation, Facebook is a great thing, but it also has some disadvantages. Facebook always asks its users to add only people they know personally to their friends list.

This is said because any unknown person can do a lot of harm to you by connecting through your Facebook account. Nowadays online frauds have started happening in many ways through Facebook. Let us tell you what things you should keep in mind while making friends on Facebook.

don’t make friends with strangers

On Facebook, add the person you know personally to your friend list and that profile is not his/her fake profile. This is because adding any unknown person can also do fraud with the help of your account information.

Do not give your personal information to anyone through Facebook

If your knowledgeable friend is also asking you for your bank account details through Facebook, then you refuse it. Do not give any of your personal information to anyone through Facebook. It may happen that someone has hacked your friend’s Facebook account and then is planning to cheat you thousands and lakhs of rupees in his name.

Stay away from unknown links.

If anyone sends you any kind of links like offer link or lottery link through Facebook, then do not click on it. We are saying this because your account can also be hacked through the link and then you can use the personal information present in your profile.



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