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Facebook Video Download: If the video is not downloading from Facebook to the phone, then follow these steps


Many types of videos and reels appear on Facebook but they are not downloaded in the phone.
There is no option to download videos from Facebook to the phone.
Although there are many websites available to download videos from Facebook.

New Delhi. Facebook is such a platform, which is not only known for entertainment, but sometimes some such videos and photos are seen in front, which can be learned something new. Many people also get motivated by watching motivational videos on Facebook and sometimes they get fascinated by seeing photos. Although these videos are visible on Facebook, but downloading them is not easy.

In such a situation, people who want to download videos from Facebook. They get frustrated and save the video on Facebook itself. However, today we are going to tell you a way by which not only videos but also Facebook rels can be downloaded. Read them carefully and follow.

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how to download video from facebook
step 1. Open Facebook app on phone.
Step-2. After that click on the video which you want to download.
Step-3. In the video, the option of 3 dot or share will appear on the top left side. Click on it. After that click on the option of copy link.
Step-4. After this, search by typing Facebook download on Google. Many websites will appear. Click on one of these websites.
Step-5. Then a search box will appear. In this the link of the Facebook video was copied and paste it. and click on download.
step-6. After clicking on download, select the quality of the video. Normal or HD as you want the video, click on any of these. Facebook video will be downloaded in few minutes.

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After the video is downloaded, it will be saved in the gallery. You can go there and watch the video by playing it. In this way, videos can be easily downloaded from Facebook.

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