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Fast charging or big battery in phone? which one is best to buy

These days fast charging smartphones are being introduced in the market. Companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme are offering 150W fast charging in their smartphones. These companies claim that the phone can be charged up to 60 to 70 percent in 10 minutes. While the phone can be fully charged in 15 to 20 minutes. However, on the contrary, fast charging support of 25 to 45W is being provided by Samsung as before. Let’s know about this in detail..Does fast charging damage the battery?
To support fast charging, the phone is made accordingly. In such a situation, the battery of the phone does not deteriorate quickly with the fast charger. Phones have fixed battery cycles. According to him, the battery of the phone is bad. But experts recommend that a phone that does not support fast charging should not be charged with a fast charger. In such a situation, the battery of the phone may get damaged.

fast charging or big battery
If you forget to charge the phone, or live in an area where there is less electricity for phone charging, then phones with large batteries will be right for you. Actually, a smartphone with a big battery gives a long battery life. Apart from this, if your phone usage is high and you do not want to spend your time in phone charging, then you should buy fast charging phone. Actually fast charging and big battery both customers have their own choice.

Advantages of fast charging
Fast charging charges the phone’s battery quickly. In this case, you can make it ready for use again. Smartphone companies make the phone lightweight by giving small battery with fast charging.

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