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Find out the fault in the suspension system of the car immediately, negligence can be costly


The breakdown of the suspension of the car also has a direct effect on its braking.
If you have to apply the brakes suddenly, you can become a victim of an accident.
When the suspension is broken, the body of the car moves forward as soon as the brakes are applied.

New Delhi. The suspension system plays a big role in keeping you comfortable in cars. The entire load of the vehicle rests on its suspension system which consists of shock absorbers and struts. Many of us pay less attention to the maintenance of the suspension system and later have to face the bad consequences. The attention given to the suspension system is as important as the maintenance of the engine, brakes and gearbox. If your suspension system is not correct then you will not get the comfort in the cabin at all and also the car will become difficult to handle.

If you have been feeling its tremors repeatedly till the cabin while walking on the potholes and rough roads on the way, then understand that the suspension of your car needs to be repaired. Even if the vehicle bounces or jerks while passing through small potholes, it is definitely indicating a big mess.

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feeling a pull in the car at the turn
If you feel that there is a strain in your car while turning the car, then it means that there is a defect in its suspension and it is because your suspension on one side is not able to bear the weight of the vehicle, which then Feeling too loud.

deteriorating braking performance
The breakdown of the suspension of the car directly affects its braking performance. In such a situation, if you ever have to apply the brakes suddenly, then you can become a victim of an accident. You will also often feel that your car’s body is moving slightly forward as soon as the brakes are applied. This thing is called ‘Nose-Diving’. Due to nose diving, the braking performance of the vehicle deteriorates and the stopping time of your car is also reduced by 20 percent. In such a situation, it is better to get the suspension repaired.

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Keep these things in mind while fixing the suspension

Ask your mechanic to check the ride height of the car during suspension repair or replacement. Ask the mechanic to use only original spare parts. If fake parts are used in the suspension, then again they will get you in trouble again. In such a situation, do not think of saving money while repairing or getting a thing like suspension repaired.

If one of the suspension shock absorbers or struts is damaged, then in our opinion you should get both of them replaced at the same time. With this your suspension system starts performing better than before. Suspension work is done very meticulously and not everyone is expert in it so it is important to get the suspension repaired at an authorized service center instead of taking the vehicle to a local mechanic.

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