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Fit this device in the house! Summer will be holiday, electricity bill will come down

New Delhi. The hot summer season is almost here. Summer in India starts from March, which lasts till September. At such a time, it is necessary to have some basic cooling devices in the house, which can stay relaxed and comfortable in this hot, sweaty and sticky season. This includes AC, Fan, Personal Cooler.

Usha Onio Fans
Recently launched Onio series fans. This is a BEE 5-Star rated fan. It has 100% copper BLDC motor. These fans come with the promise of low power consumption, run without any noise. Free fitting of Onio series fans is done at your home. In this you get free home service for two years. There is also a 2-year warranty on its motor and remote.

Hindware Spectra i-Pro 36L Personal Cooler
The IoT-enabled personal air cooler blows out strong air at a speed of 1450 cubic meters. It comes with Honey Combpad and water level indicator. With this, it alerts users before refill is required. Apart from this, it also has a stylish soft touch panel, making it very easy to use for the users. This also adds to the overall beauty and attractiveness of this cooler.

Usha Aerostyle 100 Air Cooler
The Aerostyle range of coolers come with blade fans of 45.5 cm. It has airflow up to 12 meters. Due to which the room can be cooled rapidly. Aerostyle coolers are equipped with the finest honeycomb and ice chambers with shower distribution system. It comes with humidity control and auto drain. It helps in keeping away dust and mosquitoes.

Kinouchi 5 Star Heavy Duty Pro AC

Kinouchi air conditioners come with supersonic cooling feature, which cools the room 20 times faster than a regular AC. It cools even in extremely hot outside temperatures of 60 degrees. Air conditioners give you the convenience of cooling control from the phone. Means you can run AC by just giving voice command from smart devices. With the Smart Hire app, you can create your own 7 day cooling schedule.

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