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Flight tickets are available in train ticket money, know this online way of booking

New Delhi. You can get flight tickets in train ticket money… You must have found it difficult to believe this too… but it is true that a website is giving flight tickets in train ticket money and you You can also buy it easily. Now you must also be thinking that how is this possible, then let us tell you that it is absolutely possible that you can get a flight ticket for the money of the train ticket.

Akasa Air is offering huge discounts on many tickets. If you are planning to visit places like Gandhinagar, Udaipur, Kalpeshwar, Gir National Park, Statue of Unity, Daman and Diu, Kutch, Bhuj, Suvali Beach, Dwarka, Mandu, Saputara, Somnath, Porbandar, Vadodara, Surat, Ujjain If so, you should book flight tickets here. Because the price of train tickets here is already very high. Here the flight ticket prices start from Rs 2500.

Ticket rates for Mumbai to Ahmedabad flights are available from Rs 1950 to Rs 2550 on the website of Akasa Air in the first weeks of October. Whereas if you travel by train on this route, then you will easily get a train ticket here between 3-6 thousand rupees. That is, in a way, you are getting cheaper tickets than train tickets. Also you will be able to travel by air.

If you want to book a ticket, then you can easily do it from the official site of Akasa Air. You just have to enter the details of the passengers here and here you should get the ticket booking done a few days in advance. Because the ticket is getting full very fast. Actually, after seeing the discount, most of the people are focusing on booking flight tickets from here.



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