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Follow these 5 tips for long life of bike, just have to do this work


If there is dirt in the air filter, change it in time.
Get only good engine oil poured while getting the servicing done.
To prolong the life of the chain, do not let the lubrication decrease.

New Delhi. Mid range bikes are mostly seen on the roads of our country. Its cost is low and people leave no stone unturned in its care. On the other hand, people who buy expensive sports bikes pay attention to it initially, but stop taking care of it over time. Due to this, gradually defects also start coming. Do you also want to prolong the life of your bike even more.

For this you can mainly follow 5 tips. With this, not only will you be able to use it for years, but you can also save thousands of rupees spent on it every month.

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do this after purchase
If you have a new bike or are planning to buy it, then you need to pay attention to the booklet. Most of the people throw it away considering it useless. Actually, a lot of information related to the care of the bike is written in it. Not only this, when to get the servicing done, along with tire pressure and engine, many apprehensions are over by reading it.

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check engine oil
Most of the people are the ones who advise to check the engine oil only while getting the bike serviced. If you drive it regularly then you need to check it regularly. Replace it if damaged. Check it out and you can also do it yourself. For this put a little oil on your finger and check its smoothness, if it is not smooth then it will be understood that it has gone bad.

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how to increase tire life
Tires are needed for any vehicle to run. If it is worn out, then due to this many accidents also happen. There are some people who pay attention to it but do not change it until it wears out completely. If you also want to increase its life more, then in such a situation, you must need the pressure of the tire from time to time.

pay attention to peace
It is very important to pay attention to peace. In fact, due to rusting in it or lack of lubrication, many times many problems can arise while traveling long distances. Use spray to maintain its lubrication. Apart from this, keep cleaning it from time to time. There is a possibility of rusting due to accumulation of dirt and mud in it. If the chain cover is not there, then get it installed soon.

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