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Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes of 22 October 2022: Just 2 days before Diwali, Garena released Active Redeem Codes! How to get Diwali Gifts?

New Delhi. Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes of 22 October 2022There are only a few days left for Diwali to come. In such a situation, Garena is also bringing many special offers for its Free Fire Max players. If you are waiting for the redeem codes, then immediately read this article and try to claim the redeem codes by following the procedure mentioned. Let us tell you about today’s redeem code and the great offers you can get from it. Note that these redeem codes are for tomorrow, so you can try to claim it tonight from 12 noon onwards.

Redeem Codes Today in Free Fire Max

Now, how important a redeem code is for those who play Free Fire Max, only gamers who play Free Fire know. Redeem codes give gamers a chance to get free Fire Max items for free. Usually gamers have to spend money to buy the same items. Let us tell you about today’s redeem code.

Let us tell you that the redeem codes released by Garena are for a specific server and are valid for a limited time. If you try to claim the redeem code in the wrong server or after the timeout, an error message will appear on your phone screen and you will not get the free reward.

Redeem code to get Pets

  • U8S47JGJH5MG

Redeem code to get emotes


pay attention: There is no guarantee of these codes. These are valid for 24 hours. In such a situation, if these codes do not work till you claim, then understand that they have expired.

Follow these steps to claim

  • First of all, users have to visit the redemption website of Free Fire Redeem Codes. You can directly go to the same website through this link http://reward.ff.garena.com/.
  • Now you have to login to your Free Fire Max account. You need to use Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Huawei ID to login.
  • Now a box will appear on your screen, in which you have to enter the redeem code.
  • After that click on the OK button.

Now if the code is valid then you will get its message and then within the next 24 hours the free items found in it will be added to your Free Fire Max account. On the other hand, if this does not happen, then understand that that code has now expired.



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