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Get rid of the cost of petrol! TVS hydrogen powered scooter coming


At present, companies are emphasizing on green fuel.
The company will bring TVS iCube with hydrogen fuel.
Electric mobility is the most popular replacement for petrol and diesel right now.

New Delhi. Rapidly rising pollution levels around the world have prompted automakers to switch to green mobility. Electric mobility is by far the most preferred alternative to fossil fuels. Hydrogen-powered vehicles may also become a viable solution for the future. That is why automakers are paying attention to this as well. In this episode, TVS can offer its iQube scooter with hydrogen fuel option.

blueprint surfaced
Not long ago, some patents bearing the name and design of the Indian automaker surfaced online and it was concluded that they were for hydrogen-powered scooters. The said leaked patent documents reveal that the company is working on a scooter that has two hydrogen “fuel” canisters mounted on the front downtube of the scooter’s frame. The design drawings further show that a filler nozzle is located on the front apron, and a pipe connects the two canisters.

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TVS will bring hydrogen fueled scooter.

Hydrogen fuel tank under seat
As for the hydrogen fuel stack, it will be located under the seat, where the battery sits in a conventional electric scooter. Also, according to the patent, this scooter will also have a battery pack under the floorboard, the size of which has not been decided yet. This battery will store the energy generated during braking or deceleration as well as provide additional performance as and when required. When the power requirement drops, the fuel cell can also replenish the battery pack. As for the motor, TVS may deploy a similar hub-mounted 4.4kW motor that can be seen on the outgoing electric iQube scooter.

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How Hydrogen Fuel Works
Let us tell you, the vehicle with hydrogen fuel cell works. It functions in a similar way to conventional batteries, which also have an electrolyte between their cathode and anode. The anode receives hydrogen, and the cathode receives oxygen from the atmosphere. The catalyst dissociates the protons and electrons in hydrogen as they come into contact with the anode.

Only protons can float through the electrolyte to reach the cathode. Therefore, to get to the cathode, the electrons must pass through the outer wire. Once there, they are trapped in the form of electricity and sent to the controller and motor. Finally upon reaching the cathode with both protons and electrons, hydrogen and oxygen combine to produce water vapor, which is released as exhaust gas.

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