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Good luck to an Indian working in a Dubai hotel! The owner of 55 crores became in one stroke

Lottery News in Dubai: Nothing can be said when whose luck will shine. Lottery Winners have come out in many countries around the world. Every day crores of people buy lottery tickets only in the hope that their luck will shine one day. Something happened to an Indian living in Dubai (Lottery Winners in Dubai) that he became the owner of 55 crores in a jiffy.

Indian citizen Sajesh had never imagined that while working in the hotel, he would one day win 25 million dirhams i.e. the entire Rs 55 crore (25 Million Dirhams Lottery). According to the report published in Gulf News, Sajesh had bought a lottery ticket with a total of 20 people, but he never even dreamed that he would get such a big lottery on this ticket.

lottery ticket changed luck
47-year-old Indian national Sajesh NS has been working as a sales manager in a hotel in Dubai for the past several years. He was buying lottery tickets for the last several years. After buying tickets several times, even though he did not win the lottery, he never gave up hope of winning the prize. The Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw changed Sajesh’s fortunes and he has become the owner of 25 million dirhams i.e. 55 crore rupees in one stroke. He told that he had bought this ticket along with 20 of his colleagues. Now he will distribute this prize money among everyone.

Willingness to help colleagues
Talking to Khaleej Times, Sajesh said that 150 other employees also work with him in the hotel where he works. His wish is that he should share his lottery winning money with the rest of the workers and help as many people as possible with this money. Along with this, he also said that every person has the right that he can spend his money according to his need. Along with this, he said that even though he has become a millionaire now, but in the coming times, he will continue to try his luck by buying lottery tickets.

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