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Good News: Student made amazing solar power model, know how it is different from solar panel

Nagaur. Going to tell about a student of Nagaur who has innovated how electricity can be produced in a new way. Everyone is appreciating the electrical model of this student. Through this model of Prahlad Singh, the production of electricity and the quantity of electricity can be easily increased. At present, everyone is worried about the cost of electricity. The name of Prahlad Singh’s project is Solar Tile, by using it on the roofs of the houses, the problem of electricity can be solved.

Cheaper than solar panels and less chance of damage

Prahlad Singh says that if a person installs solar panels on his house, then it costs more money and there are more chances of it getting damaged. If the solar panel gets damaged then it has to be completely replaced. If solar tile is used then it is cheaper than solar panel and if it gets damaged then only the cell of solar tile needs to be changed.

Guru-disciple made a project together

Prahlad Singh and his Guru Rasik Sir have made this model. He told that solar tiles are widely used in foreign countries. Due to which we do not have to face the problem of electricity there. Similarly, if we use solar tiles in our homes, then we will also not have to face the problem of electricity.

The tire tile will work in the same way as the tire panel. The way the solar panel makes electricity with the help of the sun’s rays. In the same way the tire tile will also produce electricity. If a person uses solar tiles on his house, then he can also easily avoid electricity expenses.

Solar panels are expensive, whereas solar tiles are cheap. Solar panels occupy additional space on the roof of the house, while solar tiles occupy the same space as one tile. If the solar panel fails, then the power supply to the whole house stops, whereas if the solar tile fails, the power supply does not stop and only one tile cell needs to be changed.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 20, 2023, 17:27 IST

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