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Google, Apple’s dominance will end! India will make its own Smartphone, it will have such features

New Delhi. India wants to be independent in terms of making smartphones. India does not want to depend on China, Taiwan, European and US countries for the components and software required to make smartphones. In today’s time, smartphones are being made on a large scale in India, but components coming from China, Taiwan and America are installed in it. Although now India is bringing its own software BharOS, which has been recently introduced by IIT Madras. Going ahead of this, India can launch its chipset soon.

India has to compromise on the security of the users
Let us tell you that in the present time, chipsets coming from abroad are used in Android smartphones. Also, for the operating system, Google and Apple have to be trusted. In fact, due to foreign smartphone components and software, India has to compromise on its security. The government wants to make online payment and other online things full proof, for that the government is going to manufacture all the parts in the country. The Government of India has considered implementing a self-reliant policy in the direction of making smartphones.

India’s own operating system introduced
Union Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnav and Union Electronics Minister Dharmendra Pradhan told that the BharOS system is working very well.

Google fined
The government said that emphasis is being laid on making indigenous operating systems and chipsets. Explain that Google has been convicted of antitrust in India and the company has been fined heavily. After this Google said that the decision on this side can be dangerous for digital adoption in India. Explain that there are about 97 percent Android smartphones in India, which work on the Google operating system.

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