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Google will end in two years, new trouble will arise for internet users?

New Delhi. It’s entirely correct to think that ChatGPT will replace Google. Gmail’s creator Paul Bouchet recently told on Twitter that the artificial intelligence tool could end the search engine giant Google within the next two years. Google’s most profitable application search may soon be replaced by Open AI’s tools. ChatGPT has added more than one million users within just one week of its launch in November 2022. AI tools are being widely used to facilitate difficult essays, marketing pitches, poems, jokes and how to qualify for tough exams.

Paul Bouchet, the creator of Gmail, wrote in a series of tweets that “Google may be just a year or two away from extinction. AI will eliminate the search engine result page, where most of the money is made.” Even if they get on AI, they can’t bring it fully without destroying the most valuable part of their business. I believe that when the browser’s URL/search bar is replaced with AI, Its whole game will change. AI will emerge as a better option in the coming times. Because it will be able to give correct answer to every question to everyone.”

Buccheit elaborated that ChatGPT will do to search engines what Google did to the Yellow Pages and that AI will eliminate the search engine result page, where search engines like Google make most of their money. He pointed out that even if search engines like Google tried to run with AI by creating their own version of the OpenAI-based AI model, they would not be able to fully launch it without eliminating the most expensive part of their business.

According to a white paper published by Professor Jonathan Choi of the University of Minnesota Law School and his co-authors, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania was recently surprised when he tested an AI tool on the MBA exam. ChatGPT was able to pass the exam. Not only the MBA exam, ChatGPT also passed the exam in an American law school by writing essays on questions like constitutional law, tax. The AI ​​chatbot managed to score a C+ overall. Google is now gearing up to showcase more than 20 AI products. Along with this, ChatGPT is also expected to come up with its own version.

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