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Google will remove storage worries, now the company will give 1TB cloud space, users will be able to save more data


Google is bringing updates for its individual workspace users.
The company will offer new email personalization features to these users.
Apart from this, the company will now give 1TB cloud space to the users.

New Delhi. Google has announced that it will soon bring new features for ‘Workspace Individual’ users. Apart from these new features, the search engine company is now also going to increase the cloud space of its users. The company has said that it is going to increase the company cloud storage space for workspace individual accounts from 15GB to 1TB instead. With increasing storage, users will have better access to storing their data online and working on cloud services.

Apart from more storage, the company will also give new options related to email personalization to all its users. Let us tell you that Google Workspace Individual has been designed keeping in mind the customers who do small business and take the help of Google Account to manage their work. This will help users to grow and manage their business.

Worrying about storage full will go away
In this regard, Google has said in a blog post that all accounts will be automatically upgraded from the existing 15GB storage to 1TB as soon as the new change is rolled out. After this upgrade, the online cloud storage problem of the users will go away.

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More than 100 files will be stored
Also, this will help users to grow their business and they will be able to manage more documents, data and digital assets when they have more space. After increasing the space, users will be able to store more than 100 files from their account. These include PDF CAD files images and videos.

protection from malware
Let us tell you that for the files saved in Google Drive, users get built-in protection and protection from threats like malware, spam and ransomware. Also, there is no risk of malware even if you open or download a document saved on the drive. Not only this, apart from the website, you can also access Google Drive on smartphones with the help of mobile app.

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