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Government will ban the arbitrariness of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, know the full news!

Social Media Platforms : The government has taken steps to check the arbitrariness of many social media and messaging platforms, under which IT Rules 2022 is going to be implemented soon. Under this, there is a provision to set up an Appellate Committee to hear the complaints of social media users like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. According to reports, the government is going to set up this appellate committee to resolve the complaints related to social media of users. This committee will resolve the complaints made by the users regarding the content as well as other matters. Let us know about it in detail..

Appellate committee consisting of three members will be constituted

The three-member Appellate Committee will be constituted after making changes and improvements in the Digital Media Ethics Code i.e. IT Rules 2021, which came last year. After this change to be made in IT Rules 2021, if a user makes any complaint related to social media platforms, then he will have to do an acknowledgment within 24 hours and also solve the problem in 15 days. For information, let us tell you that according to the IT Rules 2021, which came into force last year, Meta and Twitter have prepared a self-regulated Grievance Appellate Framework for resolving user complaints. MeitY is now preparing to set up a three-member Grievance Appellate Committee by making improvements in this framework.

Users will be able to complain about these issues

In relation to various content spread through social media platforms, ranging from user child sexual abuse material to nudity, rumor or fake information, threats to anyone through content, infringement of trademark and copyright, posts affecting the unity and integrity of India, etc. I can complain. If a user is not satisfied with the action taken by the Grievance Officer of the social media companies on the complaints of the users, then he can file his report with the User Appellate Committee within 30 days. According to the report, after this change to be made in the rules, one or several panels can be constituted to solve the complaints.

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