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GPay users rejoice! Now no one will be able to do fraud, this cool feature has come

New Delhi. Google’s UPI based payment platform Google Pay i.e. GPay is very popular in India. However, PhonePe and PayTm are very famous among Indian shopkeepers instead of Google Pay. One reason for this is that it has a voice alert feature. Means when a person makes a payment at a grocery or any other store, a notification is received from the voice alert that how much money the customer has paid. This reduces the chances of fraud.

Will get voice alert feature
Google Pay is also bringing voice alert feature in the competition of PayTm and PhonePe. It has been named Soundpod by google Pay. This will provide voice notification of UPI transactions in the middle of the crowd in the shop. Although Google Pay is currently trialling its soundbox. In such a situation, there is no accurate information about how long it will be launched for all users. Although it has started in some selected places.

Will get these features
If the report is to be believed, the Sound Pod will be charged at no extra cost to the merchants by Google. Also, no charge will be levied for its use. Build in speaker, LCD screen and QR code will be given in this sound pod. Multiple language support is available in Google’s SoundPod. Means in which language the voice alert will be received. This has also been supported.

Google Pay is making itself more favorable for the local market and shopkeepers, so that new users can be added with them. New features are being added with its Google Pay, so that more and more users adopt the Google Pay payment platform.

Note Google Pay is a UPI payment platform, which can be made on the phone from the mobile number linked bank account.

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