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Hackathon: Tushar of IIIT Ranchi won 3 lakhs among participants from 22 countries, know for which app he got the prize

Ranchi. Tushar Jain, a final year computer science and engineering student of Triple IT Ranchi, has won the UNESCO India Africa Hackathon. Tushar worked there continuously for 36 hours and developed an app related to the identification of diabetes, regular check-up and necessary exercises for it. For this feat, he was awarded a prize of Rs 3 lakh. There is an atmosphere of joy in IIIT Ranchi on this success of Tushar.

Vishnu Priya, director of Triple IT said, Tushar was invited for the UNESCO India Africa International Hackathon after winning the internal hackathon and Smart India Hackathon 2022 Finale held at Triple IT. 20 problems were included under the life topic. More than 600 participants and health consultants from 22 countries participated in this hackathon.

Tushar told about the idea of ​​the app that seeing his mother struggling with diabetes, he thought of working on it. Diabetes spreads its legs so slowly that by the time it is understood, it is too late. This is such an application under which diabetes will be identified in the initial stage itself. With this, people can easily control diabetes by monitoring their calorie intake, diet, routine, yoga.

Describing the specialty of the app, Tushar said what diet to take in diabetes, when to take it, how much water to take, yogasanas, which symptoms to go to the doctor etc. have been told in this app. Apart from these, you will also know how many calories you have burnt with yoga. Diabetes has become a very common disease in today’s run-of-the-mill life. A little awareness can easily bring it under control. Tushar is originally from Delhi.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : December 10, 2022, 12:58 IST

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