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Highway or mountain, SUV running like a cheetah everywhere, also a favorite of the Indian Army

New Delhi. The Indian Army has been using Maruti’s Gypsy for a long time. A large number of Gypsy units have been used in the army fleet for a long time. It is now reported that the army may also take Maruti Jimny for its fleet which will replace Gypsy in the Indian market.

Senior Maruti Suzuki official Shashank Srivastava informed in an interview that the Indian Army has shown interest in the Jimny. He further added that the company is currently researching the specifications required for the army-spec Jimny.

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This means that customization will be done to make Jimny ready for the army and it will be prepared according to the needs of the army. Usually, most of the army vehicles have a soft top, so it is believed that after preparing the Jimny for the army, a soft top can also be given in it for the convenience of the army. In addition to this, the suspension and powertrain are also expected to be specially tuned.

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Indian Army’s ‘favourite’ Gypsy
Maruti has sold over 35,000 units of the Gypsy to the Indian Army in nearly 20 years. It is sold with soft top, full open and even hard top. The company had made the Gypsy of Olive Green color available to the army till 2020. Now Jimny can replace Gypsy in army and talk about its performance, now Maruti Jimny has been given 1.5-liter petrol engine (105PS) with manual and automatic transmission.

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