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How much will India-US trade grow by 2030? Union Minister Piyush Goyal replied

Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2022: Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal on Saturday expressed confidence that India-US bilateral trade in goods and services could reach $600 billion by 2030. It is known that at present the bilateral trade between India and America is close to 175 billion dollars. Minister Goyal has said these things at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit-2022.

India will become a superpower
Minister Piyush Goyal said that the world has recognized the growing power of India. In the coming times, our country will be a superpower. India is going to become a global superpower in the next 25 years. India’s place in the world is quite spectacular. It has not only changed the lives of many Indians, but has also contributed to the economic development of the world. During this, he talked about the positive image of India among the top countries of the world. He said that in today’s world, whether it is political or business world, people are seeing that India has moved ahead.

what will india get
On becoming part of the trade pillar of the 14-member Indo-Pacific Economic Prosperity Framework (IPEF), Minister Goyal said it would depend on what India would get in return. The 13 member countries under IPEF are together on all 4 themes namely trade, supply chain, clean economy and fair economy. But India has so far chosen to stay out of the trade pillar and is included in this group on the other 3 subjects.

Indo-US relations become stronger
Goyal said in this program that, “India-US relations are constantly improving and getting stronger. Today we have bilateral trade of about $175 billion. I believe that in the coming 7-8 years it will be $ 500 to 600 billion. While our exports of goods and services will be worth two thousand billion dollars. That America is seeing India as its friend and trusted partner.

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