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How to drive safely in winter? See these 5 tips before getting out in the car – tips and tricks top tips to drive safe in Indian foggy winters delhi weather – News18 Hindi


First of all keep the windows, lights and windshield of the car clean.
Maintain a safe distance between vehicles while driving.
Use indicators and parking lights while driving.

New Delhi. Many accidents happen due to fog in some parts of North India during the winter season. After a few days, once again cold wave and dense fog will start in Delhi and rest of North India. Not only do flights and trains get canceled or delayed due to fog, but people also have trouble driving on the roads due to poor visibility.

If you also have a lot of difficulty in driving in winter, then here you are going to tell some such tips, with the help of which driving can be made easier. To avoid accidents, extra care has to be taken while driving the car.

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Keep windows, lights and windshield clean
Before stepping into the car, check whether the windows, headlights, fog lights, parking lights, brake lights and windshield are clear for better visibility. If this is not the case, clean the windscreen of your car both inside and outside, so that you do not have to strain your eyes to see the road ahead.

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keep a safe distance between vehicles
Make sure your seat belt is on when you are driving. Be extra cautious during foggy conditions and apply brakes well in advance if you can see a vehicle ahead of you. Maintain a good distance between your vehicle and those in front of you.

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Use Indicators and Parking Lights
Check whether the indicators as well as the parking lights of your car are working or not. They help the vehicle behind you to know about your movements in the fog. Before taking a turn, make sure you turn on the right direction indicator at least 15 seconds in advance as it will give some time to the vehicle coming from behind to slow down.

set headlights to low beam
To increase visibility, the driver should set the headlights of his car to low beam. With this, the driver will be able to easily see whether there is a speed breaker ahead or not.

Avoid over speeding and overtaking
Avoid speeding and overtaking. Due to low visibility it becomes difficult to know what is around you and react quickly. If you drive at a moderate speed, it will be easier for you to react to your surroundings. The best way to drive in fog is to drive at low speed.

turn on your vehicle heater
You can turn on the heater or blower inside your car to clear the dew. Condensation hinders the driver’s visibility leading to incidents such as collisions when there is heavy fog outside.

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