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How to remove linked bank account from WhatsApp, know the complete process


Every WhatsApp users can use this payment service.
As easy as it is to add a bank account, it is also simple to remove it.
WhatsApp Pay got approval in India on 7 February 2020.

New Delhi. WhatsApp is a very famous social messaging app. It is a great medium of people with lots of features. Apart from sending messages, photo-videos or making calls, WhatsApp provides many more options to its customers. WhatsApp payment service is one of them.

Let us tell you that through this UPI based payment service of WhatsApp, users can easily send or order money from any friend present in their contact list. You can use this service very easily. If you do not want to use this service, you can also delete the linked account by following some steps.

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You can pay through WhatsApp
Let us tell you that WhatsApp UPI was launched in the year 2018. The way to use it is the same as in Google Pay, Paytm etc. Everyone can use this WhatsApp payment service very easily. You get this service when you open WhatsApp and click on the icon with 3 dots i.e. Settings. Through this you can easily make payment.

Link your bank account like this
Where the option of payments appears. At the same time, you have to link your bank account. If you are not satisfied with this payment system of WhatsApp or do not want to use it, then you can remove the linked bank account for it. The special thing is that as easy as it is to add a bank account, it has to be removed as well. For this, you do not have to download any third party app nor do you have to use the browser.

How to remove link bank account
For this, first of all go to the Settings of WhatsApp. Then click on the Payments option. Here you will see the bank account, tap on it. Now Remove Bank Account will be visible. You can remove your bank account from WhatsApp Pay by clicking on it.

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