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How will ChatGPT compete with Google for free, Indians are reluctant to pay so much money

New Delhi. Various claims were being made regarding ChatGPT. It was being said that the launch of ChatGPT would be a holiday for Google. But this does not seem to be happening. Because ChatGPT has been launched by OpenAI company. But the free version of ChatGPT has not been launched. The version of Paid ChatGPT has been launched by OpenAI.

Subscription will come for Rs 1600

According to the company’s blog post, the new subscription plan of ChatGPT has been launched for $ 20 per month i.e. around Rs 1600. ChatGPT is initially launched in the US. However, it is still expected that the cheap subscription of ChatGPT can be launched in the coming days.

What will be able to give competition to Google
Both Google and ChatGPT work on different technologies. However, instead of paying Rs 1600 in a country like India, people would rely on Google usage for free. There are reports that soon Google can also provide artificial intelligence based search option.

what are the differences
In ChatGPT users will get answers to very precise questions. In the paid subscription of ChatGPT, users will get fast response. Also some special features will be rolled out. If you search any question in ChatGPT, you will not get different websites. Rather you get the information of your question in text form. It is an artificial intelligence based search engine platform.

will also be available for free
OpenAI clarified that the free version of ChatGPT will remain available as before. However, not all services will be offered in this. Meaning limited features will be available in it. Along with this, the speed of ChatGPT will also be very slow.

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