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Hyundai’s big bang after Verna 2023, now showcased its premium sedan, but the debate started


Hyundai discontinued the Sonata in India long back.
It is now believed that soon the new Sonata will be launched in the Indian market.
The car has been completely redesigned.

New Delhi. Korean Motor Company Hyundai once again made a big bang on Monday. Otherwise, it was not even 10 days since the launch of the new avatar of the Verna that the company showcased the 8th generation of the Sonata. It is now being told that Sonata will be launched globally during the Seoul Auto Show to be held from 30 March 2023. The launched Sonata has also been designed with a very sleek and futuristic design. However, the camp of auto experts seems to be divided regarding this new design of Sonata.

A section of auto experts are considering the design of the Sonata to be inspired by the Verna and are not saying anything special in it. While one camp is calling it a completely new avatar and a car made keeping in mind the future design. The specialty of the car is not just its design. It has been completely changed. The car has been equipped with a new engine and features. Although if we talk about the Indian market, the company had discontinued the Sonata a long time ago, but now it is believed that this generation of Sonata can be launched in India soon.

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better design
The design of the car has been specially designed. Talking about the exterior, it is N line based. At the same time, the company’s signature seamless lamps, hidden headlamps and wide grille are giving it a sleek yet bold look.

completely different interior
The main feature of the Sonata will be its rotatable display. Along with this, a 12.3-inch info cluster and an equally large infotainment system have been given in it. Along with this, the climate control unit is equipped with touch screen and voice control. On the other hand, if we look at the rear design of the car, it has been garnished with a muffler shape. At the same time, dual twin tip muffler has been given with spoiler. 19 inch tires have been given in the car. Although now no disclosure has been made about when the car will be launched and what will be its price. But it is believed that this generation of Sonata can be launched in 2024.

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