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If the network is not working, then call with WiFi calling, here’s how to turn it on

How To Enable WiFi Calling: It often happens to us that we have to struggle with low or almost zero network cellular signal in some areas of our office or in our homes. To get the signal in these dead spots, we keep waving and moving our phones while talking on the phone or waiting for the OTP. However, the solution to this problem is very simple. Actually, Wi-Fi facility is also available in places where the cellular signal is not correct. That’s why, if you are troubled by your mobile network but have decent Wi-Fi access, then you don’t need a strong cellular network for calling.

Yes, we are talking about the Wi-Fi calling feature. Nowadays this feature comes in almost all the smartphones. When you connect to a call using Wi-Fi, people receiving the call or text will see it as coming from your cellular number. Let us know how you can enable Wi-Fi calling on your Android or iOS.

How to enable it on Android?

The steps to enable Wi-Fi calling in Android phones may vary depending on the phone.

For Google Pixel Users

• First of all go to the phone’s settings.
• Now click on Network and Internet here, then go to Calls and SMS.
• Now find and open the Wi-Fi calling option here.
• After opening it, turn on the toggle of Use Wi-Fi Calling.

For OnePlus users

• First you have to tap on Settings then Mobile network and then on SIM.
• After coming here, now find and open the Wi-Fi calling option.
• After this turn on the option of Wi-Fi calling.

In this, you can also set the priority between Wi-Fi calling and cellular calling.

For Samsung and other Android users

• First of all open your phone’s Settings.
• The option of Wi-Fi calling will appear here.
• Open the Wi-Fi Calling option and enable it.

When your call is connected via a Wi-Fi network, you see Wi-Fi calling on the call screen.

For iPhones users

• To enable WiFi calling in iPhone, you have to go to Settings> Phone>.
• Then tap on Wi-Fi Calling.
• Now turn on the Wi-Fi Calling toggle.

When Wi-Fi calling service is available, you’ll see a Wi-Fi icon next to the carrier’s name in your iPhone’s status bar.

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