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If these 5 sounds are coming from your car, then go to the service station immediately, otherwise it will cost you a lot… – if these 5 sounds come from your car then be careful this may be a problem


If you get strange noise while starting the car, take it to a mechanic.
The sound coming from the engine while driving can cause trouble in the long run.
Avoid ignoring any kind of sound, try to fix it soon.

New Delhi. Many times we ignore the small noises that come while driving the car. But it keeps on increasing with time. Sometimes thousands and even lakhs of rupees are spent to get them corrected. In such a situation, if there is any sound coming from your car, then get it checked immediately and get it rectified. Otherwise, sometimes it can be very heavy on your pocket as well.

Identify 5 different types of noise coming from the car and rectify it quickly. This not only affects the engine but also the mental state of the driver. Accidents can also happen because of noise.

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  1. noises when starting the car

If there is a strange sound while starting the car, do not ignore it. In fact, even if there is a shortage of engine oil, it can make noise. Apart from this, if there is any problem in the self, then there is a sound from inside it. Which people ignore. On the other hand, after the magnets get burnt slowly, 5 to 7 thousand rupees have to be spent for self repairing. Lack of engine oil can cause damage to piston rings, clutch plates and pistons, which will cost lakhs to repair.

  1. This type of sound can come from air filter problem

Sometimes the air filter gets dirty and makes strange noises while starting the car. You can also identify it by listening carefully. The sound that comes due to the air filter is bursting. If there is a crackling sound anytime, then understand that there is some deficiency in the air filter. Apart from this, such sounds are heard when there is water in petrol or diesel along with plug and ignition.

3. The sound coming when the car turns

Many times when people turn the vehicle from one direction to another, at that time a sound comes from it. Ignoring this sound gradually makes the steering tighter. Apart from this, noises can come from the car even if the belt which is used to run the AC or to charge the battery is loose. Many times people ignore it, but there are possibilities of it breaking or coming out if it is too loose while traveling long distances.

  1. brake noise

After getting the car washed, if a sound comes from the tires of the car, then understand that it is coming from the brakes. In fact, after washing, the greasing and oiling of brakes also ends, due to which noises start coming from it. Oiling and greasing of brakes must be done after washing the vehicle. Many times due to its lack, the people sitting inside get hurt due to the jerk of the brakes.

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5. Gear sounds

If there is a knocking sound while changing gears, then the clutch plate might be getting affected. Many times the vehicle suddenly shifts from fourth gear to first gear. The reason behind this is the lack of oiling in the gear. After getting the vehicle serviced, do ask them about oiling. If such problems arise on the highway, then an accident can also happen.

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