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If Uber Driver Delays In Arriving, Gets 20,000! You can also complain like this

New Delhi. We use Ola and Uber quite often. Many people face trouble while booking a cab. Many times the driver does not reach after booking the cab or many times delays his arrival, but now the company’s driver has to do so. After this Uber has paid a fine of 20 thousand rupees to the passenger. Now you must also be thinking that how did this happen, then let us tell you what is the whole matter?

This whole matter is of Mumbai. Here the woman had to take a flight to Chennai, so the female passenger had booked the cab according to the time. But the driver did not start the trip after booking the cab. He kept talking on the phone and started the trip only after talking on the phone. This delayed the woman a lot. Also, the driver filled CNG after putting the female passenger in the cab. This was the reason why the woman was late in reaching the airport.

The woman missed her flight due to late arrival at the airport. Also Uber took more fare from the lady. When the female passenger had booked the cab, the fare was showing Rs 563. Whereas when the ride was completed, the fare started showing Rs 703. However, the woman paid. Uber later returned Rs 139 after complaining. The woman was a lawyer by profession, so she went to the Mumbai Consumer Court with her complaint.

When the Mumbai Consumer Court gave its verdict, everyone was surprised. The court asked Uber to pay Rs 10,000 for the financial loss caused to the woman. While for giving mental stress, the woman was asked to pay Rs 10,000. It was asked to pay the damages in Rs. This is not the first time that a cab company has had to pay dues of delay. This has happened many times before as well.



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