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If you are going to book OLA scooter then be careful, lest you get cheated! – if you are going to book ola scooter then be careful lest you get cheated – News18 Hindi


The thugs made 1000 people their victims.
Thugs were spread in many cities.
Now the police is trying to trace the entire network of thugs.

New Delhi. In the electric scooter market these days, there is a lot of craze among people regarding Ola. People are also getting its booking done fast. In the last few months, Ola has also broken sales records. In such a situation, seeing the increasing sales of scooters, the attention of thugs has also gone towards this and they have found a new way to trap people.

Delhi Police has now arrested 20 such thugs who were cheating people in the name of selling Ola scooters. These thugs had defrauded people of crores of rupees. According to a report by IANS, more than 1,000 people were made victims of this game of cheating. It is being told that in different cities of the country, these thugs were cheating people in the name of Ola scooter.

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created fake website
The thugs created another site similar to the official website of Ola Electric. Whoever used to visit this website, he used to take their details and give them to his other colleagues sitting in the states. After this, Rs 499 was transferred to the victim in the name of booking an Ola scooter. After this, thousands of rupees were collected in the name of insurance, tax and transportation.

how to avoid this scam

  • On the official website of Ola, you will get the details of the scooter as well as the secure payment gateway.
  • You will not get any call for this. After payment, you will get the receipt of Ola.
  • You will also get email and text message from the company. Along with this, the delivery date of the scooter will also be mentioned.
  • You will also get a customer care number on the official website where you can get information related to the purchase of Ola scooter.
  • During this whole process no one will call you and ask for money. Insurance, transport and taxes will be included in your on road price only.

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