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If you are worried about privacy on Facebook, then secure personal data in easy tips


Facebook is an app where we keep sharing many things like photos, videos.
In such a situation, if someone sees our profile, then he will see personal details like date of birth, interest.
It is necessary to set privacy on Facebook. You can make the details private by going to ‘Privacy Settings and Tools’.

New Delhi. In the age of internet, privacy has become a myth. Now any person’s nick name, birthday, like, dislike, political view, where they live, what they do, who is in the family, close friends, check-in details, traveling details everything from just Facebook profile can be found out. If you think that giving such information on Facebook does not make any difference, then this thinking is very wrong.

Some time back there was a news that a mother used to put every detail about her baby girl on Facebook. When did she go to school, when did she come home from school, which school she studies in or what flavor of ice cream she likes. All the details were posted along with the photo. A kidnapper was keeping an eye on the profile of that woman and one day the girl was kidnapped from outside the school.

Now you can understand that the kidnapper was getting information about every single activity through a Facebook. So if you are using Facebook social media platform then it is very important to take care of these things. Facebook users need to keep their personal data secure. Data can be hidden on Facebook. For this some steps need to be followed. So let’s know how personal data can remain secure on Facebook.

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how to hide personal data on facebook
1-Log in to your Facebook profile and click on the arrow in the top right corner of the Facebook page. Now click on “Settings”.
2- Now click on “Privacy” in the menu on the left. Here go to ‘Privacy Settings and Tools’.
3- In “Your Activity” “Who can see the post?” Change it to “Only Me” by clicking on it. Then you can see all your past posts by clicking on “Only Friends” and clicking on “Limit Past Posts” link.

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4- After this, many options have been given for how people can find and contact you. Like who can send friend request, who can see friend list, who can see email id, who can see number, you can set all these according to your own. In all these lists, you can do Friend, Only Me, Friend of Friend according to you.
5- After this, click on Timeline and Tagging in the left menu. Under the “Timeline” section: “Who can post to your timeline?” Set to “Only Me”. Also, select Only me in what other people post on the timeline.” Allow Story to share posts and set it to “Disabled” if you want to turn it off.
6- In “Tagging” “Who can see posts on the timeline if a Facebook user is tagged in them?” Change it to “Only Me”.

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