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If you do this, you will have to change the gear box of the car, keep these things in mind while changing gears…


Driving a car with a hand on the gear stick causes a lot of damage.
Never change gear in half clutch.
Drive the car in the correct gear speed.

New Delhi. The gear box of most people’s car is 1 lakh km. They start getting damaged before completion and they even have to get it replaced. Whereas the life of the gear box is much more than this. Gear box is one of the important component of the car and due to this our vehicle moves forward and backward. Any fault in the gear box is not limited to the gear box only, it can damage the clutch plate and transmission setting of your vehicle. Most of the faults that occur in the gearbox are only due to our wrong driving style.

The gear box is important as well as an expensive component. Especially when we talk about automatic transmission, its price can reach up to several lakhs. At the same time, repair or replacement of manual gear box is also not a cheap job. In such a situation, by taking care of some things, we can not only increase the life of the gearbox, but also make our driving smooth.

What are the things to keep in mind…

  • Manual Transmission: Pressing the clutch fully while changing gears, shifting gears with half clutch or without pressing the clutch will cut off the gear wheels, also putting heavy load on the clutch plate and they will wear out quickly.
  • Do not keep hands on the gear stick, some people keep their hands on the stick even after changing gears. In such a situation, there is constant pressure on the gear selector fork and it keeps trying for the next gear and pushes the rotating collar. In such a situation, there is heavy damage to the gear box.
  • Never step on the clutch when the vehicle is moving. This will operate the clutch half way and damage the gear box as well as the clutch plate.
  • Never change gears in a closed vehicle without pressing the clutch. Due to this, the wheels of the gear collide badly with each other and they get scratched.
  • Keep the speed according to the gear. Keeping high speed in small gear also damages the gear box and clutch plate. Also, there is a lot of load on the engine. In such a situation, along with the loss of the car, the mileage of your vehicle will also be reduced.
  • Automatic Transmission: In AT cars people think that there is no problem with changing gears but in auto transmission vehicles need to be more careful. We must use clutch push in auto transmission vehicles. This happens in older systems of auto transmission especially DSG and CVT. Without this, the gear box gets damaged when the gear is put in drive or reverse mode.
  • Do not give the car a sudden race, by doing this the gears will shift rapidly and there will be a lot of damage to the gear wheels as well as the clutch plate. Also, the mileage of your car will also decrease.
  • Do not touch the gear lever. There is a fork here too and by doing so the gear box remains functional continuously.
  • While coming to manual setup, keep in mind the gear speed and change it in time.

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