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If you follow these 5 tips, the problem of slowness of the old laptop will be solved.

New Delhi. Our laptops often play an important role in our lives. Whether it is work or entertainment, laptops are very useful for us. But many laptops start to feel old. Even if you have bought it a few days ago, when the laptop starts slowing down, then its experience also decreases. However, if some things are taken care of, then the laptop can always be kept like new. Let’s know about these things.

1. Clean files and apps:
When you are working on a laptop, a lot of files get downloaded. Not only files but also photos and documents get downloaded. You have to either categorize them or delete the useless files. By doing this your laptop looks as clean as brand new.

2. Clean the exterior of the laptop:
If you want to make the laptop like new, then you have to clean its exterior. It gets very dirty while using the laptop on a daily basis. In this case, it would be right to clean it. Also clean the laptop screen. But clean it with a cotton cloth only. The screen is very sensitive, so it is very important to clean it properly. You can also get it cleaned by calling a technician. He will clean the laptop properly.

3. Add more RAM:
If the laptop becomes slow then there is a lot of trouble. Slow laptop is a common problem. In such a situation, if you increase the RAM of your laptop, then your laptop has to run at the speed of a rocket. By doing this the laptop becomes like new.

4. Buy Laptop Cover:

If even a little scratch comes in the laptop, then it starts looking old. In this case, the laptop cover helps to make the laptop look like new.

5. Clean the laptop fan:
Its fan plays a very important role in the performance of the laptop. This prevents the laptop from heating up. It keeps the components of the laptop cool and safe. You should also clean the fan of the laptop from time to time so that the components of the laptop can remain cool and the laptop can work smoothly.

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