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If you run AC in a standing vehicle, then how much petrol will the car burn in 1 hour?


Running AC in the car affects the mileage.
Using AC reduces mileage by 5-7 percent.
But how much petrol is consumed by running AC in a parked car.

Car AC Facts: It is very rare that AC is not needed while driving a car. Nowadays everyone drives with AC on. Maybe you do the same. But do you know what is the effect of fuel consumption of AC? Driving a car with AC on does affect the mileage, but many people have a question that if you keep the AC on in a parked vehicle, how much petrol will the car consume?

In such a situation, today we are going to tell you what is the effect of AC on the mileage of the car and how much petrol the car will consume if AC is used in a standing car. So let’s know…

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how does car ac work
Talking about the AC of the car, it works only when the engine is started. This is because the belt attached to the compressor of the AC rotates only when the engine starts. In this process, the engine consumes fuel from the tank. When the engine is on, the car AC works like a normal AC. To increase the efficiency of the AC, the car has a recirculation button with various modes.

How much is the effect on the mileage of the car
If you drive the car with the AC on, the mileage drops by 5-6 percent. But it is believed in many reports that keeping the AC on in a moving car does not affect the mileage. If the car is being driven on the highway and the AC is on, then the mileage will not be affected much. But if the windows of the car are open then the mileage may be less.

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On the other hand, if the car is driven in normal condition, then using AC can reduce the mileage by 5-7 percent. But the mileage will not be so low that you will need to keep the AC off.

What will happen if you run AC in a parked car?
According to a research, if the AC is run for 1 hour in a 1000 cc car, then 0.6 liters of petrol will be consumed. On the other hand, if the car is parked then the consumption of petrol doubles. Running AC in a standing car burns 1.2 liters of petrol in 1 hour. Petrol consumption in a normal hatchback car can range from 1 to 1.2 litres. Well, it depends on the car that how fuel efficient its engine is. Apart from this, the condition of the engine of the car, the condition of the car, the setting of the AC and the external weather also depends on how much fuel will be consumed when the AC is running.

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