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If you want to avoid going to jail then stop these 5 things on WhatsApp today

New Delhi. Have you ever thought how dangerous using WhatsApp can be. If not, then today we are giving this information to you. If you are a WhatsApp group admin then this news is especially for you. WhatsApp group admins have some additional privileges and responsibilities. If any wrongdoing is done on any group in this situation, then it is the full responsibility of the WhatsApp group administrator to stop it.

If you are the admin of a WhatsApp group, then you must be aware of the photos, videos or content that can be shared in the group. If you do not do this and the WhatsApp group is found indulging in any wrong activity then you can be jailed. So let’s know what are the things that WhatsApp group admins should take care of.

Anti-National Content:
Anti-national content should not be shared in WhatsApp groups. In doing so, both the group admin and the content sharer can be arrested. In this case, there can also be jail.

Personal photo or video:

If someone puts the personal photo of any person on the group without his consent and the group admin also does nothing about it, then doing so can put the content sharer and the admin behind the jail.

Well, violence is bad anyway. If you threaten someone on WhatsApp, you may have to go to lock-up. Apart from this, you can also be jailed for insulting any religion or caste.

If any kind of obscene content is sent in the WhatsApp group and the group admin does not take any action, then no one can stop you from getting jailed. Promoting such content in any way is against the law.

Fake News:
The government also advises to avoid fake news and a strict ban has also been imposed on fake news and fake content. Shortly before a new law was made that any person who spreads fake news can have to go to jail.




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