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If your car is caught without this paper, you will get 10 thousand challan, may be jailed


The Transport Department tightened its waist due to the increasing pollution in Delhi.
Vehicles are being continuously arrested.
More than 17 lakh vehicles do not have valid PUC.

New Delhi, In view of the increasing pollution in Delhi NCR, the Kejriwal government has once again become strict. This time without the pollution certificate, the challan of the vehicles running on the roads of Delhi will cost ten thousand rupees. Also, those who do not have a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate can be punished with challan as well as jail. Now the Transport Department is also preparing to send notices to those people whose PUC of their vehicle has not been checked.

The Environment Department is also running a campaign called Red Light on Car Off regarding the increasing pollution. At the same time, the Transport Department has also geared up from now and continuously checking of vehicles is being done all over Delhi.

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Lakhs of people have to get PUC done
According to the officials of the Transport Department, there are lakhs of such vehicles on the roads of Delhi which do not have pollution certificate. According to sources, the validity of the pollution certificate of more than 17 lakh vehicles has expired and the vehicles have not been re-checked. Due to this, vehicular pollution is increasing rapidly in Delhi. After which now the Transport Department has taken a strict stand against such drivers and it has been decided to take strict action if found guilty.

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6 months jail
According to the Transport Department, strict action will be taken against the guilty. Whoever does not get a valid PUC will be fined Rs 10,000. Not only this, the accused can also be jailed for 6 months. Along with this, there is also a provision of challan and jail. Now the Transport Department believes that after continuous strictness, people will show seriousness to take PUC and in the coming time the pollution of Delhi will be less. However, at present no precautionary steps have been taken regarding the pollution caused due to other reasons.

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