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Indian Railways: Keep these things in mind for confirmed tickets, this option will be available in Tatkal Booking

Tatkal Ticket Booking : Whenever you travel by Indian Railways, you have to book tickets before that. Sometimes it happens that suddenly you have to travel by train. Now in such a situation, you have to take tatkal tickets. While getting a Tatkal ticket, it is not confirmed. In this news, we are going to tell you some such ways by which you will never have any problem in Tatkal Rail Ticket Booking. And you will always get a confirmed ticket.

will get tickets like this
Along with Railways, IRCTC also keeps on making changes in ticket booking option. So that booking can be made easy for the passengers. IRCTC has made another big change, so that you will not have difficulty in getting tickets. It keeps on making changes from time to time for the convenience of its passengers.

keep track of time
Let us tell you that AC Tatkal Ticket Booking starts from 10 am, while Sleeper Class Booking starts from 11 am. Timing matters in Tatkal ticket booking. If you book at the right time, then you will not have any problem and you will get the ticket, otherwise you may have to face trouble.

How to book Tatkal Ticket

  • Before booking Tatkal Ticket, keep your travel list ready.
  • With this, you will not have to enter the details of passengers again on the IRCTC website.
  • Once the travel list is ready, you can save it and keep it.
  • After this, as soon as the booking starts, you just have to go to Confirm.
  • As soon as the travel list is selected, the details of all the passengers themselves will be entered.
  • You will not need to fill the details again while booking Tatkal Ticket.
  • As soon as you select the travel list, the details of all the passengers will be automatically filled.
  • Now the payment option will come in front of you.
  • After this, here you can use UPI, Credit / Debit Card to make payment.

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