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Information about nutritional content will have to be given on every packaged food, notice issued from FSSAI

FSSAI New Notification : The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a new draft notification to companies manufacturing packaged food, dairy and beverages products. According to the new notification, now every packaged food will have to provide nutritional content information. After which, now every package will have to give this information that the content inside the packet, how many calories are in it, how much fat, sugar and sodium have been used.

Packaged food will get rating
Let us tell you that the company’s packaged food will be rated by FSSAI. This rating will decide how healthy the package food you are eating is healthy. The higher the rating, the more healthy the food will be.

what are calculations
In the draft notification issued by the FSSAI, it has been said that companies will have to provide information about the level of calories, saturated fat, sugar and sodium on packaged food, dairy and beverages products. This will have to be given in the next part of the packet. It has been informed in the notification that these nutrition will be written in the packet with the measurement per 100 g / ml, on the basis of which the calculation will be done. This will give the Indian Nutrition Rating (INR). The packet will tell whether this food will fulfill the daily nutrition or not.

Objections and suggestions sought in 60 days
According to the draft notification of FSSAI, it has to be displayed right next to the INR brand, so that the consumer can see the logo and know how healthy the food he is consuming. FSSAI has just issued this draft notification, on which objections and suggestions have been sought from companies in 60 days. After this the final notification will be issued. This voluntary process will start for 48 months from the date of its issuance and will be compulsorily implemented after that.

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