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Instagram banned Pornhub’s account, rules were being violated for 10 years


Recently Instagram removed the official account of Pornhub from its platform.
This action has been taken for repeatedly violating the policies of the companies.
The company’s terms were being violated for 10 years on Pornhub’s account.

New Delhi. Earlier this month, Instagram removed Pornhub’s official account from its platform following pressure from a conservative anti-pornography group. Now in this regard, a spokesperson for Meta said that they have permanently disabled Pornhub’s Instagram account for repeated violations of policies.

According to Instagram, Pornhub’s account has been violating its terms for 10 years. Instagram claims it warned Pornhub about a post that violates its terms. Instagram did not specify which terms Pornhub violated. However, the company pointed to violations of the terms related to adult content, nudity and sexual solicitation.

Pornhub posted an open letter on Instagram
Meanwhile, Pornhub has posted an open letter on Instagram. In the letter, Pornhub and its co-signatories are demanding an explanation as to why adult content is being removed from their accounts. Those who wrote the letter included 63 pornographers, artists, models and other groups. Among them, the names of Riley Reid, Lucy Hart and King Noir are important.

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wrongly being targeted
“We represent those in the adult industry who have been undermined over the years by the opaque, discriminatory and hypocrisy of Instagram’s terms and policies,” the letter said. Despite Instagram taking extra precautions not to violate the community, sex workers and artists are being banned, their accounts are suspended and they are unfairly targeted for content removal.

Account disabled for three weeks
Pornhub has claimed in the letter that its account was completely in accordance with the parental guidelines. During this, Pornhub has also cited the behavior of mainstream celebrities posting nudity on the platform in comparison to adult creators. Please note that Pornhub’s safe-for-work account has been disabled for three weeks.

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mention of kim kardashian
According to Pornhub, Kim Kardashian has posted full news photos to her 330 million followers from Instagram without any restrictive action. The letter mentions a picture of Kardashian taken for a photoshoot. The letter states that Kim and the artistic team are free to share their work on the platform, so why are we being denied it.

Adult creators banned many times
It has been said in the letter that adult creators, sex educators and business people are being targeted for years. Many creators have been banned many times, while they have worked within the rules, but still they have been removed from the platform and due to this they have lost their audience and income.

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