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Internet runs slow in the phone? Make these changes in the settings, you will get 5G-like speed

New Delhi. After the arrival of the Smartphone, most of the people use the Internet only. Sometimes the internet speed in the smartphone suddenly slows down. Today we are going to tell you about some such methods, after which the internet speed in your smartphone will be like 5G. If you are also troubled by the internet speed of the phone, then it is very important to take care of some things.

WiFi settings are also very important. If you connect to WiFi directly, then mobile data stops playing. In such a situation, whenever you come out of WiFi range, mobile data will not work. Internet speed is very slow when using mobile data at times. Because when coming out of WiFi range, the mobile internet is not able to connect directly.

If the internet speed in your phone has become too slow, then you can turn it off by putting the phone on Airplane Mode. Doing so refreshes the phone’s network. Also, its biggest advantage is that many times calling is not possible, even then it helps a lot. For the Internet, this practice will be very good. Apart from this, the internet speed in the phone also gets boosted. After turning off from Airplane Mode, the phone should be taken out of the WiFi area.

Many times the phone can restart after the internet speed is slow in the phone. Doing this also refreshes the phone’s network. This helps a lot. Also, if your phone’s internet is running slow, then you can easily restart the phone. There are many benefits to restarting the phone. The biggest advantage in this is that the speed of the internet becomes very fast. Along with this, there is also the benefit of restarting the network. Because many times the network of the phone becomes out of coverage area.



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