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Internet speed can be slow, don’t forget to do this mistake with SIM

New Delhi. Jio recently announced High Speed ​​5G Internet. Jio 5G has also started in many cities. But today we are going to tell you about some such methods by which the speed of the internet becomes slow. If you also want super fast internet speed in your smartphone, then you should not make these mistakes even by forgetting-

Be it Jio or Airtel, many times we see that internet speed slows down as soon as we change the phone. There are many reasons behind this, but one of the main reasons is that we put the primary SIM in the secondary SIM slot. But we should not repeat this mistake. Because if you put the SIM in the primary SIM slot, then it gives better internet speed. Whereas this does not happen with the secondary slot. Therefore, always put the SIM from which you use the Internet in the primary SIM slot.

Apart from this, the speed of the internet also slows down due to the SIM being dirty. Sometimes the network goes out suddenly due to the SIM being dirty. After this, if the network comes again, then you should always keep the SIM clean. If this is happening to you also then you should clean the SIM immediately. Because due to this the smartphone is not able to read the SIM. Due to this, the phone is not able to make calls.

These days the trend of WiFi Calling is also going on a lot. That is, calling can be done with the help of internet in WiFi area. But whenever we come out of the WiFi area, the calling is not possible. In such a situation, you should try that whenever you come out, after turning the phone on Airplane Mode once, turn off the Airplane Mode. By doing this the network of the phone is back again.



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