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iPhone 14 became a life saver, then saved a person’s life

New Delhi. Recently, the iPhone 14 series has been introduced by Apple. Satellite connectivity is available in this series of smartphones. With this, the company offers the Emergency SOS facility to the users. Simply put, in the new technology found in the iPhone 14, emergency help is provided to users in areas without cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity.

person’s life could be saved
According to the report of MacRumors, this case is from the US state of Alaska, where a person recently used satellite connectivity in this iPhone 14 series smartphone when he was stranded in a remote rural area of ​​the state of Alaska. This matter is being told of 1 December. In which Alaska State Troopers receive a message that a person is trapped in the snowy area of ​​Alaska. Let’s say this man was traveling from Noorvik to Kotzebue by snow machine. But due to lack of connectivity at one place, he lost his way. However, due to its emergency response team, information can be sent to the Apple Emergency Response Center. The Apple team then liaised with local staff and rescue teams from the Northwest Arctic Borough Search and Rescue Coordinator, thus saving the man’s life.

This service is being offered free of cost
The SOS alert of the iPhone 14 could provide accurate information about the person, which could save his life. Emergency Satellite via SOS feature is currently available on all iPhone 14 series smartphones, where cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity is not present. There this feature works quite well. According to Apple’s report, the satellite connectivity feature can be used for free for 2 years. This feature is currently limited to North America. But soon the satellite connectivity feature will be rolled out by Apple in other countries like France, Ireland, Germany and the UK.

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