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iPhone 14 is available for half the price! Do not buy iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 after knowing this offer

New Delhi. Apple has recently launched the iPhone 14. Compared to the iPhone 13, no change has been made in the processor of the iPhone 14. Despite this, the iPhone 14 has been in discussion for a long time and people are also buying it. The iPhone 14 is also being sold by pressing since its launch in the UK. Today we are going to tell you about the discount running on iPhone in UK.

The iPhone 14 was launched in the UK for 849 pounds, which was 50 pounds more than the iPhone 13. If you are also an iPhone 13 user and want to upgrade it, then you are getting a lot of discount on this. If you deal with iPhone 14 in Apple Trade-In Offer, then you can get a discount of up to 50%. If you trade-in old iPhone 13 then you can get 420 Pound Credit.

Dealing with Apple Trade-In means you’ll have to get an iPhone 14 instead. You will not be paid for this. Whereas instead of iPhone 13, you can get a discount of 420 pounds. That is, you will get iPhone 14 only for 429 pounds. This means that you can get up to 50% off on iPhone 14. This offer is already available on the Apple UK website.

In iPhone 14 you get A15 Bionic Chip Processor. It was launched by Apple in the iPhone 13 series last year. Apple has definitely made a slight improvement in the processor. It works on 5-Core GPU. In iPhone 14, you get the option of 6GB RAM. Which has iOS 16 Firmware. Apple has also greatly improved the front camera of the iPhone. Its front camera comes with auto focus option, which is much better in terms of picture detailing.



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