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iPhone users should not make these mistakes even after forgetting, it may seem like a thick lime

New Delhi. There is a different craze among people regarding the iPhone. But some people change their mind because of the price. Although the first choice of most people is the iPhone. Do you know that iPhone users have to take some special precautions, if this is not done then they can lose thousands of rupees.

If you are an iPhone user, then you should avoid buying a local charger, in fact, a local charger can damage your smartphone. iPhone has a Lightning cable which is quite different from the normal USB Type-C charger and you should avoid charging the iPhone with it.

If you try to charge your iPhone with a local charger, there is a risk of damage to its port. Now getting the iPhone repaired is very expensive. In such a situation, you can also get a big hit. If you want to avoid this fat, then you should change this habit from today itself. This problem has happened with many users.

If you use Wired Earphones, then you should know that you should never leave it on while using it, it happens that many times it remains like this and you keep it in the pocket. If you do this then there is also a risk of port damage.



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