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Is someone hiding in the hotel rooms watching you? How to find Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera : Many times, cases of recording from the hidden camera of the hotel keep coming to the fore. Recently, the case of a hotel room came to the fore in which recording was done with a hidden camera. The police took full action in this matter and two people were also taken into custody. These people of the hotel were accused of doing videos with the intention of extorting them from the guests staying in the hotel.

According to the police, the room was booked before installing the camera in the hotel room. It was also claimed that the camera was so hidden that even the housekeeping staff could not detect it. Many such cases come to the fore regarding the hidden camera, so it is important that whenever you stay in the hotel, keep some things in mind so that any such situation can be avoided. Let’s know..

check room tv

There is a TV present in the hotel room, which can be taken advantage of to set the camera. Actually, the light of TV and set-top box is visible for signal and transmission where the camera can be easily hidden. The reason for this is that in this scenario no one will be able to pay attention to it. Therefore, to check this, you can use the flashlight of the smartphone, as well as keep in mind that if you see a blue or purple light in the TV and set-top box, then you need to be more careful. is needed.

Don’t forget to test the two-way mirror

As soon as you take the room, it is important that you check all the mirrors in that room’s wardrobe, bathroom and room properly because sometimes criminals hide the camera behind or around the mirror. That is why it is important that you do the two-way mirror test. The two-way mirror test is very simple in which you have to place your finger on the mirror and see if the gap is visible between your finger and its image. If there is a gap then it is a normal mirror and if your finger and its image have no gap ie they are completely glued then it is a two-way mirror. This means that someone can see you even from behind the mirror.

Check hidden camera in decorative items

Cameras are usually hidden in the decoration of the room itself. For example cameras, speakers, alarm clocks or any other room decoration may have hides. In this case you should check the items kept in the room very carefully. Apart from the furnishings of the room, you should also check your TV and set-top box.
Check other places in the room as well

You should also check items like power socket, hair dryer and fire alarm present in the hotel room. Hidden cameras can be present on all these objects and places like this. Also check the bathroom shower, sometimes the camera is hidden in it too. You can also check night vision camera by turning off the light, actually the camera emits light so that you can easily search the camera.

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